Hi There!

My name is Gabe and this is my mobile studio and home, Nessa.

I’ve lived and worked in my trailer rig and have led a nomadic lifestyle for over 4 years. When I’m not touring with my band Enterprise Earth I’m in my rig travelling, making music, enjoying outdoor activities, playing with my dog, and pursuing a fulfilling life.

Although I prefer to let my work speak for itself, I do offer a unique recording experience that isn’t usually attainable at your typical studio. I’m happy to host you while I’m out on the land camping, allowing you to completely separate from the stress, noises, and daily life of the city and focus 100% on your recordings. Nature is fun! I’m also available to bring my studio to you, if conditions are suitable.

If you’d like to see more of my trailer home and studio, click the Instagram button below.

Have questions? Want to get started? Email me at: [email protected]